Canada Australia  UK
1 $15 USD $20 USD $20 USD
$20 USD $25 USD $25 USD
3 $25 USD $30 USD $30 USD
4 $30 USD $35 USD $35 USD


Western Europe
Rest of Europe
1 $20 USD $30 USD
$25 USD $35 USD
3 $30 USD $40 USD
4 $35 USD $45 USD


Asia Latin America
1 $20 USD $35 USD
$30 USD $40 USD
3 $36 USD $45 USD
4 $45 USD $48 USD


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Our frames, jewelry, watches, hats and tees weigh one pound each. Please use the table above to calculate your cart's estimated shipping costs.

International Shipping Policies

Please allow 5-15 business days for your package to reach its destination. Your package will be subject to customs/duties charges. 9FIVE is not responsible for customs/duties charges as these costs are determined by your local customs office. 9FIVE cannot determine, in advance, what these fees will be, but we do try to minimize these charges by listing the wholesale cost of your package on the commercial invoice rather than the retail value. This provides the customs agents with a true, legal value, while minimizing your costs. Unfortunately, we cannot mark international orders as a “gift” in order to bypass or reduce any customs fees – this is an illegal practice and as an established business, we will not do this. For more information on customs and duties charges, please contact your local customs office.

Please note that international rates apply to locations outside the 48 states such as Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

*Please contact orders@9five.com for international returns or exchanges.