9FIVE is an out-of-network provider. When working with an out-of-network provider, most insurance companies will reimburse purchases related to eyewear and prescription services. When using out-of-network coverage you will need to purchase the product on your own, in full. Next a claim can be sent to your insurance provider for reimbursement (typically by check). Normally you are required to submit this yourself, but here at 9FIVE we would like to make that process easier, we can look up your benefits and even file the claim on your behalf.


1) Please fill out the form below to send us your name along with a phone number and/or email address. With this information we can send you an "Intake Form" to look up your insurance coverage.

2) Once we have submitted your information we will send you an email detailing the out-of-network benefits you qualify for. If your benefits have been used for the year we will make sure to let you know when they can be used again.

3) Now that you have  your benefits information, you are free to make a purchase on our website. Remember you will be paying for the frame in full but we will be assisting you on receiving reimbursement. Please note reimbursements come directly from your insurance provider, not 9FIVE.


4) Once the order is placed, please fill in the form below to confirm your order details. We will need an order confirmation from you to proceed to file the claim on your behalf.

5) Once the claim has been submitted you will receive an email confirming the details of your claim. From that point please allow 4-6 weeks for the reimbursement to come in (this is the typical wait time but it may come sooner). You can check the status of the claim by contacting your insurance provider directly. If we have any issues when attempting to process your claim we will make sure to let you know.