Q : Who are some of your favorite brands out right now, and how do you go about building your wardrobe?
A : I have a couple brands that I like - Smoker’s Club, Bape is cool... But I’m currently working on building my own brand, so that’s what I’m more focused on. By next year I plan to have everything I wear be something I made myself.

Q : Things you design yourself, or do you have a creative team?
A : I definitely have a creative backbone too - my whole squad - we’re all in this together, so we’re all going to collectively build a very unique brand.

Q : Is there a particular clothing item, or pair of shoes, that's always in your rotation? A favorite or go-to piece?
A : My rings! I love my rings.

Q : Where do they come from?
A : They come from all over the world. I got one from legendary underground rapper, MF DOOM. I’ve got another with a stone from outer space, it’s a crystal called tektite.

Q : You've been praised for representing New York through your sound and style. In today's rap scene, the internet has made hometown support less important. Artists can blow up from a Worldstar video or an Instagram post and it doesn't matter where they're from. Why is repping NY important to you?
A : I mean, essentially, it’s just where I’m from. And honestly, it’s an honor to represent New York. New York is the mecca of a lot of things that are considered great, especially musically, ya’ know? So, just to be from the Empire State - they say if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. New York gives me the attitude and the mentality that I have today. It gives me that drive, that passion to go out and get everything myself and do it now.

Q : You live a life most people would love to live, and you do so at a young age. Being a young emcee, how do you stay grounded? How do you keep your head on your shoulders in world full of distractions?
A : It’s all balance, you know? You just gotta know what’s gonna make you progress and what’s gonna slow you down and hold you back. You’ve gotta separate the two. You’ve gotta think about yourself and your future sometimes.

Q : What, if anything, can we expect from you in the future? Are you working on any new music?
A: I always tell people not to expect anything from me. Life is better without expectations - just acceptance.