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The Ayden is a special frame in our collection. The Ayden is named after a young friend of 9FIVE's who is currently battling leukemia. Ayden Garnica is a young kid from Yuma, AZ. Ayden and his family discovered he had leukemia in 2019 and they've been battling physically, mentally, and emotionally since. Ayden is a kid with a heart of gold and a positive outlook on life. Like most of us here at 9FIVE, he loves Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, comic book movies, Jiu Jitsu, and skateboarding. He's at the age where the things he wears and how he wears them are starting to matter. To honor his battle with leukemia and to give him a few more style points, we decided to name one of our frames after him. You can learn more about Ayden's story and donate to help him and his family HERE. Shop the Ayden collection in various colors and lens options including, our standard tinted CR-39, Pure Polarized, and/or Clear CR-39 Lens. Shop with confidence knowing our standards in quality and service are of the highest importance. Looking for prescription options? Click here.