After years of requests, we've finally pulled the trigger. We've taken four of our best selling frames, and have increased their size by almost ten percent. That might not seem like a lot, but in eyewear, even the smallest incremental changes, can make all the difference. We decided to use our Caps model, which is our most beloved oversized frame, and applied its measurements to our new 5050 XL, 24 XL, Belmont XL, and Kingpin XL frames. Be sure to check out our Greens LX (also has similar sizing to Caps) as an additional choice for anyone looking for bigger sunglasses.


9FIVE Bemont Xl Sunglasses

9FIVE 50-50 XL Sunglasses

9FIVE Kingpin XL Sunglasses

9FIVE 24 XL Sunglassses

March 03, 2021 — 9FIVE Eyewear