In 2014, we released a frame called the Cues. At the time, the Cues were one of our more sophisticated, but not overly complicated designs. We had them in our line up for a good amount of time until we felt like they needed a revamp. From the Cues, spawned the Del Rey, which we still have in our ever-growing collection. 

After years of development, we decided it was time to, once again, revisit the Cues. While our newest frame the Leo, isn't a total departure in terms of design from the Cues, it does offer a very different feel and vibe. 

For starters, the most important aspect of the Leo we wanted to accomplish was a frame that was light and comfortable. The arms have a sleek and minimal construction using 24k gold plated stainless steel wires capped off with elegant acetate arm tips. The frame combines handmade acetate with the same style of gold plated steel wire on the bridge and bridge bar. We opted to use adjustable nose-pads to help with comfort and overall fit for different users. There are a few subtle details like the step down on the lower frame that shaved off a little weight while not compromising its structure in any way (plus we think it looks great). Shop the Leo here and visit our Instagram page and let us know what you think 🦁

9five Leo in Black and Gold
9five Leo in Coastal Blue Tortoise
February 17, 2022 — 9FIVE Eyewear