These last couple of years have been... interesting to say the least. In response to how things have been going for much of the world, we felt we needed to brighten our eyewear lineup. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but in the case of our newest collection, we drew from the earth itself in the form of a Ruby crystal. The meanings associated with the Ruby are vast, but the overarching theme is that they are "a stone of good fortune and this means fortune of the body, mind, and soul." Indeed, everyone could use a little of that.

So, we are proud to introduce our newest collection, Ruby, which features a deep-dark transparent red combined with our signature 24k gold plated stainless steel. Each pair comes with an option of black, Ruby gradient, or clear lens. We've included a unique blend of frames for this collection including: Avenue, Bishop, Caps LX, Lawrence, Locks, Ocean, St. James, and St. James XL. Shop the entire collection here or click the image below.

9FIVE Ruby Collection

August 31, 2022 — 9FIVE Eyewear