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9FIVE Clarity 24K Gold Flip-Up Glasses
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9FIVE Lane Cognac & 24K Gold Flip-up Glasses
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9FIVE 50-50 Flip-Up 24K Gold Sunglasses
From $155.00
9FIVE Lane Black & 24K Gold Flip-up Glasses
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One thing that sets 9FIVE apart from other eyewear brands is our Flip-Up Collection. We have taken a few of our most iconic frames and have added a "flip" option to them which allows users to transition from tinted sunglasses to clear lens glasses with the flick of the wrist, without sacrificing looks. Shop our entire Flip-Up Collection in various colors and lens options including, our standard tinted CR-39, Pure Polarized, and/or Gradient Lens. Quality and service are at the forefront of importance, so as always, shop with confidence. And, don't forget, we offer prescription options also for any of our Flip-Up frames. Click here to visit our Rx Flip-Up section.